Artist Statment

My art work is colorful, complex and layered with meaning. Through the use of color and line, you can be taken to a place of peace, excitement, or understanding, and I seek to explore and expand those possibilities. I believe this is why I have such a strong interest in graphic novels: I love being able to show emotion and intent through my character’s expression and movement.

I have always been interested in graphic design, especially using computer software, which has led to my interest in gaming design. I have done a lot on non-profit work in the community designing logos and other graphic art, and found I have a real interest in the clean lines and expressiveness of logo design.
My newest interest, sparked mainly by my work with children, is children’s book illustration. I really enjoy conveying the stories, either that others have written, or that I have developed with the kids I care for, through color, expression, and visual beauty. Children’s books can be a way to teach, to convey messages, or just to show beauty, and I enjoy exploring that.
Artist Bio

I started doing art as a young child as way to escape and keep myself company, since I spent a lot of time alone. I’m currently a Junior at the University of Washington with the ultimate goal of getting in to the UW’s Interactive Media Design program. As I have learned more about art and design, I have developed a strong interest in gaming design, logo design, and graphic illustration.

When I’m not at school or creating art, I’m a nanny for a seven-year-old boy. We have countless hours of fun and making up stories, which has sparked an additional interest in children’s book illustration.
I currently live in Seattle with my partner, Payton, and our two mastiffs, Nala and Koda.